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About Us

Since its creation in 2011, Bocado specializes in creating handmade candles for decoration, but also other decorative ceramics, wrought iron or copper. Thanks to its expertise, Bocado has now become a key partner hotels and festive atmosphere of the most prestigious restaurants Tunisia and Tunisian many mansions.

BOCADO products are derived from manual labor, tradition and creativity, nothing replaces the craftsmanship. Design, innovative or old, our products are a mix between the Tunisian craft heritage and endless creativity.

Visit our showroom and discover a surprising and new world, some models are unique designs. Creation and a touch of innovation, our candles will add a light footprint of magic to your home.


Refill your candles, reuse indefinitely your candle container and recharge your dream

Charging extends the life of your candle. For each candle its recharge, but also combine colors and fragrances as you see fit.

BOCADO offers a variety of scents for varying sensory travel as much as you want.